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Interview with Hamadriyad
Our series of interviews continues with a special treat straight from the land of 1001 Nights – meet Hamadriyad, our fellow taffer from Turkey, whose works are well-known and loved in the whole fandom. It was a great pleasure to have him join our small contest and we weren’t very surprised for him grabbing the prized place and a well-deserved reward. He’s a very busy man, writing poetry, modelling and, of course, playing FMs, but he took his time to talk to us. Here goes the unique interview with him about his artworks, inspirations in the game and his future plans. Have fun!

* * *

1. Let's start with a retrospective. When did you start to write poetry and create 3D models? How did it happen?

I started to write poems in 2000s, mostly between 2002-2003 I guess. Well, I was in love hehe. That makes you write, right? Especially If it is unrequited, as in my case. Hehe. Now when I look back, most of them seem very bad. And it is a good thing because it means I changed and evolved. Same years I began to play Thief and I found my true love. I try to write some stories, but I could never manage to end them. So, I tried poems and it worked. I liked to write poems with dark themes. But until I joined Eidos forums, I didn’t write much about Thief, at least in English. There were great artists in there and I wanted to share something and I thought why not poem? So, I began to write about Thief universe. And I wrote that just for you:

I am the things you forgot
what is fear and what is dark
No Order without chaos
To see darkness first close your eyes
Then The Eye will see and I will speak
The cunning words I need
The stone and the metal
Gears, cogs and the hammer
Will work against their master
To bring ultimate disaster
And this time
You will know my power and will
Once you did reject
This time
You'll always remember
My Dark Project

I hope you like it.

As for 3D models, I guess it was 2008 or so. I always like 3D models, and one of my friend encouraged me. But I am still a beginner, I have a long way to go. I only can work in my free times, so I am able to improve little by little.

2. Wow, I love it! You little charmer (laughter)! Oh, well, back to the topic before I melt. The contest over Thief-Forum had quite a few trips. We promise to improve in the future! Still, you managed to enter and your works - both poems and 3D models - gathered much critical acclaim. You're certainly the most famous Turkish taffer among the Polish ones! It helped many of Thief-Forum members discover your DA gallery and join your watchers. There are few 3D models' creators in Thief fandom and the ones we have there were thrilled to see your works. How do you feel about that partnership? Do you think you'd consider taking part in a similar event in the future? We'd be very glad to have you on board.

I am very happy to hear you liked my works, and I really enjoyed the contest, even If I didn’t win, I would be still happy. Thanks to all of you! I really hope I can improve my works because as I said, I am just a beginner. Of course I would like to be part of a similar event. Just let me know.

3. Regarding your workflow, is there some pattern of how you write? Some people prefer to do that overnight when nobody disturbs them, others feel they have to meet people in order to start writing. How about you?

I guess I like to write at nights (well, we are talking about Thief right?  ) when the lights goes off and everyone sleeps, sometimes words can easily sneak to my mind.

4. Do you have any favourite themes for your poetry? You have some real gems telling the tales of the City: some of my personal favourites from this field of interest of yours include Words of the City, My Way, The Master Thief and the one that resides in the treasured corner of my heart, Snow and the New Year. On another hand, there are also those delightful portrait-like poems about different factions, the monsters and so on like - again my selection (laughter) - We Will Have An End, Zombie Zone and Join Us.

The Master Thief, My Way, Join Us and Zombie Zone are my favourites and of course Snow and the New Year is special. I like One Day of a Taffer a lot too.

5. Which elements of 3D modelling are your favourite and which are the least enjoyable to you? It must be very difficult to recreate Constantine's Sword or the Talismans, for instance. Gas Bombs or, outside the canonical Thief universe, The One Engagement Ring don't seem easier to make either.

Indeed, Constantine’s Sword was a hard work (at least for me). It is my first sword modelling. I enjoyed Talismans a lot, and it is not that hard. I like modelling objects but I want to do some environment modelling and I need to improve myself a lot.

6. What is your 3D modelling software of choice? Many people use Blender, others - Zbrush, Maya or Hexagon. Where are our favourite pieces of equipment "forged"?

I use 3DS Max. But I want to learn ZBrush too, people do amazing things on ZBrush.

7. If you were to give some tips to beginner 3D modellers, what would you tell them?

Well, since I am still a beginner too, they will be tips from beginner to beginnerWhat I do is watching tutorials from Youtube or reading them from some really great sites. (cgrats for example) Other than that, experiment is important. For example,I am making a standart cube or whatever I want, then I put lights in the scene, tweaking their parameters and so on. Of course basic knowledge is important. I remember the time that I know nothing. 3ds max seemed like an alien technology, haha.

8. Where do you usually draw your inspiration from? You know, this question just must be asked (laughter).

There is a game named Thief you know? Hahaha. Other than that, I love horror, movies, books, games, I love everything about horror and sci-fi. Lovecraft and Clive Barker are my favourite horror authors. They give me lot of inspiration. I love William Gibson, Philip Dick, Asimov and Tolkien a lot too (Especially Tolkien, I am a diehard fan), Hitchcock, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter are among my favourite directors. As for other games, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, The Devil İnside and Stalker. (there are many authors, directors and games I love, but it would be a long list) All of them give me inspirations, conciously or unconciously.

9. We all know the feeling: what do you do when afflatus is nowhere to be seen and your personal Muse has apparently taken a weekend break?

Most of the time nothing. Sometimes I feel I need to write or model something, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t do anything or anything satisfying. So, I just wait until it comes (it may take a loong time sometimes).

10. Are there any particular artists who inspire you in your creative work?

I can say Giger, Luis Royo, Hajime Sorayama and Dorian Cleavenger. Their arts are very striking, I just love them. I know my models look nothing like their works but maybe unconsciously they inspired me. I love their arts though, that much is certain.

11. You feel equally at home with letters and polygons. Is there a genre you'd like to try? Have you ever considered writing prose, connected with Thief or not?

Ah, as I said I tried stories but I could never manage to come to an end. But I really like to write a good story related to Thief (with some horror in it!).

12. When can we expect new artworks of yours? You know I watch you on DA (laughter)...

Haha, yeah I know and I am really happy about that my dear taffer. Actually a few months ago I started to work on something but because of my work, I couldn’t finish it. Hopefully I will continue that work soon.

Thank you a lot, it was a pleasure. It’s amazing how Thief unites people from across the globe. We’ll stay tuned for your next works!
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