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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016
The administrator of Wyszczekani, on behalf of herself and all our authors, would like to have the honour of wishing you all heartfelt wishes of merry, healthy and inspirational Christmas.

This year, also for Wyszczekani, has been a turbulent one. The reason of our three-month silence was a change of staff. It was halved with Eliza's departure. I can only hope that, for her and our members alike, the memories of her time as the co-admin are happy ones. Being a lone administrator of the literary cafe, translating within The 5 Elements of Darkness to add, is a lot of pressure. Regardless of this, the quality standards of the published texts cannot decline. Due to this, changes are to be expected. My plans include a redesign of the site's layout, a more detailed set of rules, narrowing down the pool of suggested fandoms to Thief, The Dark Eye and Dragon Age and likely a different design of the easthetics (in fact, my project is almost awaiting approval from the owner of HPU to include it in the layout menu). Collaboration with and between our members is extremely important to me. We have people from the Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, the United States - every opinion and point of view is precious and needed. Therefore I'd like to kindly ask you for all suggestions regarding the planned changes as well as outgoing offers of texts for publication and participation in workshops.

As the site's Christmas present, I would like to share our latest artistic discovery: I eagerly invite you to read "Innocence Lost", the newest work of a young Finnish author MyEpicRilla. It is a tale of people entangled in problems beyond their power, and about overcoming those difficulties. About the lost and the seeking. This dark and tragic family story remindful of literary conflicts in Ken Follett's prose takes place in the City, the metropolis literally perfect for not only the background for the dramatic events of "Innocence...", but also for a collective protagonist in its own right. Fully-fleshed characters, vivid descriptions, dynamic, yet thoroughly-planned action and a new insight into the Pagans, the City's nobility and its young inhabitants are the leading qualities making the work so worthy of attracting new taffer readers. The beautiful language and developed, mature approach to the described themes make it had to believe it is the literary debut of the artist in the world of English-written prose, who up to now had always created in Finnish. Great plaudits - and the somewhat egoistic wish of rapid completion of the work so that it can be enjoyed to the fullest. I hope that, once the tale of Rowena Argall's adventures is complete, it will be prominently featured in "The Keeper Annals", because it is a truly remarkable example of Thief literature.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016!

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